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Hello Blog World

By September 17, 2023September 21st, 2023Personal2 min read

I wrote this entry on January 30th, 2020…. it’s September of 2023 and I finally made the website :’) My fun facts are all still true, except Austin is now my HUSBAND <3

First things first, THANK YOU for reading this.

I have been wanting to start a blog for awhile, and I finally built up the courage to start. You are currently reading my first blog post, EVER!

I know after a few years of blogging I’m probably going to look back on this first blog and cringe, but you have to start somewhere to get anywhere, right?

This is my beginning…

Hello, I’m Rylee! Some people call me Ry, but I don’t care either way.

Here are a few quick fun facts to get to know me: 

  • My boyfriend, Austin Silver, and I own an online business
  • I have 2 cats – Cash & Cali
  • I love traveling
  • Sea Turtles and Pandas are my favorite animals
  • Tea > Coffee
  • I have a passion for yoga
  • Being in nature makes me happy
  • David Attenborough is my favorite narrator

My intention for this blog is simple – this is a space to combine my creative writing skills with my passions.

I plan to allow the niche of my blog to naturally change to reflect me, as I go through the different phases of life. 

Let’s enjoy this journey together!

~ Rylee

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